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State Of Twilight

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These are 5 states of light in the evening I very get used to when I took all architectural shots. I would like to make some conclusion, here it is;

State I : Last ray of sunlight

The sunlight for exterior shot is normally great after 3 pm. At 4.30 pm, sunlight is a lot warmer and it usually ends at around 5.30 pm. The photo shot in this period has clear shadow from sunlight.

State II : The cool breeze

After the sunlight disappear, overall tone is suddenly flatter and less energetic. This period is about 45 minutes to 1 hour long. I normally take a break, enjoy the place, shoot some detail shot, find the next angle and wait for the next state. Actually the shot took in this period is alright but for me it’s not the best.

State III : The balance

This period is about 15 minutes. This is the moment that the interior and exterior light are at equal bright. I normally notice the right time when the car turn on head lights or when street light are on. The right time is different for building with more or less voids too.

State IV : The red

This period is quite very short. It’s about 1 to 5 minutes long. The last light from the sun turns red on the clouds. If the sky is very clear, this might not happen because there is no cloud or foggy air to act like a screen. There is no exception, the shot took in this period is beautiful whatever it is.

State V : The deep blue

This period is also not too long. After the red sky is gone, I often run and turn my camera to the opposite side – to the sun. This period, the sun is already set and the sky turn blue and turn darker and darker. The shot took in this period has the sun set scene or the nice deep blue sky. I love it.

When I shot with my Sinar, the 4×5 view camera, I could take 1-2 shots only during those 5 states. After I turn to digital age, I can take a lot more effectively. I still love film by the way but it’s a new era now. 4×5 film shooting is a pure art.

Remark : This phenomenon is for Thailand. The time and period of time may change depending on where you are.

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