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Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

These are the photos I took in Ayutthaya area one month ago. Unfortunately, the flood level is so much more serious now. This is the worst flood in 50 years. The main cause is the unusually heavy monsoon rains. I will update this post later on.

For more update information about current situtation, you can go here;

The Atlantic , www.thaitravelblogs.com

If you would like to help;

Donate to The Thai Red Cross Society 
You can find the link to the donation page under ‘Flooding Donation’ on the left side.
Donate to The Mirror Foundation 
You can find the link to the donation page under ‘Flood. Donate Here’ on the left side.
You can find more information about the flood situation in Thailand here 


Water World : Thailand Flood 2011


Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

Water World : Thailand Flood 2011

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  1. pitupong

    Unfortunately this horrible disaster is not only caused by the unusual rainfall. Big part has been cause by the way we, Thai people, are living our lives. Let’s help prevent this to happen again.

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  3. This is surely how we have to pay back to what we have done to nature. It’s tough and hard to get through. I can hardly see how could Bangkok survive the massive flood that recently took away neighbor provinces. I don’t really see how soon Thailand could recover from the disaster since it will leave a big wound for this country. I don’t mean to be pessimist and let down hope but let face the truth and be prepared if the flood haven’t approached you yet…. it’s coming

    • wisontung

      I just hope that after this crisis we can come up with the right and sustainable solution nationwide. After the last crisis in 1995, we totally failed.

  4. Gig

    Thanks for sharing these photo, it tells everything. It’s a big frustration for all of us. Anyway, really like how you capture the moment, and the contrast looks just right for the situation….dark and cloudy, unsure when we’re gonna get thru this.

  5. These pictures are beautifully taken, but devastating to see. I really hope things get better soon for all those affected. Words feel a little empty when you see what they are dealing with. Thank you for reminding us of those less fortunate. Congratulations on being freshly pressed for this post, it’s well-deserved.

  6. I feel so bad for those who have to experience such disaster. Having to wrap their cars in a plastic tarp, is totally unacceptable. I only hope that this crisis will be over and everything will be back to normal again.

    Anyway, great photos!

    – Tanadda

  7. Thailand evokes so many memories for me that stem from the Vietnam War, through the time I had a brief flirtation with a gorgeous dancer from Thailand when I DJ’d at Scores in NYC. She showed me amazingly beautiful pictures from her home. This also reminds me of the flood here in Nashville in April 2010, which moved me to post a blog about it. mother Nature is the great equalizer and she reminds us how miniscule we are against her awesome natural power in many forms. If I wasn’t a charity my self right now, I’d surely help the red Cross and this is yet another motivation to acquire comfortable money so that I may help in-kind very soon at times like this for the Thai people. Jah bless.

  8. ประเทศไทยเกิดน้ำท่วมใหญ่ครั้งนี้ ถึงเเม้ดิฉันจะอยู่ที่เชียงใหม่เเต่ เเต่น้ำก็ท่วมบ้านฉันเพราะบ้านฉันคือประเทศไทย ^ ^

  9. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing your photos and experience. Heartbreaking to see what is going on over there, Hard to imagine that little more of a whisper of this is mentioned here in the states.

  10. I am surprised that you were able to make impressive frames out of this sad disaster. After all the story needs to be told in every possible way, preferably such a beautiful one in order for us all to comprehend the seriousness of the matter. I hope things will be back to normal soon in Thailand as it is distressful to see this lovely country suffer so much.

  11. teddyoshea

    Sad to see this happen and they say there is no such thing as Globle warming,,and look at Australia last year, SAD. We need to change.

    sorry for the little rant

  12. Yes, one of my friends had told me about the flood. Your pictures are very good. Another people, another country added to the prayer list. I’m going to check here in Michigan for what I can do or contribute. Until then I can only share this quote:

    “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”
    Calvin Coolidge quotes

    Thanks. Peace be unto you and the people of Thailand.

  13. Great photos 🙂 I was in Thailand for a short visit last October and could no longer go around Bangkok because of the flooding. I feel really sad with what has happened there; I used to lived in Bangkok, lived there for 3 years. I pray that things will get better.

  14. This is so scary…hopefully everything will be alright soon… we are also experiencing flood in certain area here in Malaysia… but most parts are okay except for the heavy rain every day… let’s pray for things to get better soon…

  15. I enjoy photo documentaries such as yours that catches an event in time. I had not heard of this flood in Thailand. The flood itself looks devastating, but the people in your photographs look calm. It’s spooky in a way.

  16. What incredible yet heartbreaking photos. I have visited Thailand a number of times and Ayutthaya is one of my favourite places – it didn’t look like this any of the times I was there. It amazes me how resilient the Thai people are.

  17. crawlingladybug

    Really unfortunate.. I visited Bangkok few months ago and I enjoy my trip so much that me and my friend thinking about extending our stay. I hope the flood will be gone soon so everything will be back to normal 🙂

  18. Sacha

    I know the Thai people will prevail from this horrible catastrophe. My family is residing in Prakket right now. Their real home, which is now flooded in Don Muang, is in ruins. I hope that environmental sustainability are at the forefront of public policy issues/discussions. In the meantime, we must have some humility to get through this terrible time. I love Thailand and wish only the best for the families who are suffering.

  19. Thank you for sharing your photography. By far the best I’ve seen that have come out of Bangkok… They really convey the burden that is placed daily on the residents of the area.

    Someone earlier called Nature “the great equalizer”; while usually I tend to agree with this, those hardest hit in Bangkok were those in the lowest, most unprotected areas: the poor. In this case, Nature, alas, is not an equalizer, as the poor will only become more impoverished and those with means will be able to remain on the surface– literally and figuratively.

    While I have been listening to their Cambodian neighbors sympathizing with the Thai, for many parts of Cambodia were also flooded during this year’s particularly bad rainy season, part of me doesn’t wonder if they do not secretly see Eyssaur at work…

  20. Devastating for the all the people and families affected by this natural disaster. But there are always lessons to be learned and hope that the road to recovery will bring back the area in even better ways. Thanks for capturing and sharing the images.

  21. I hope that people who don’t get affected or have been rescued already, won’t forget that there are still some of us out there waiting for help outside Bangkok.
    I have helped running a few fundraising for flood victims, but I do believe that we need more help to get through this.
    Good photos , nicely taken … Keep out a good work

  22. Rombiz Co

    The country of smiling people had nothing to do in front of the nature, so what ever I did to help them I still feel is not enough. Need more and more people outside of Thailand to make effort of bringing back the smail again.
    Tomorrow (5 Dec) is the King’s Birthday-National Day and I am preparing a presentation for which I’d like to ask permission to use some of the images you post. At least to share the beauty of this land and the now pain of its people.
    Thank you for sharing those images full of meaning and thanks in advance for your permission.

  23. Global climate change has consequences everywhere, irrespective of how much or how little an area has contributed to unbalancing nature. It’s one world, and we have to learn to live that way. This is a message I’m trying to work into my own films, and these pics reinforce the message.

  24. Cassie

    While these pictures are obviously horrible, their also beautiful. I think you did a wonderful job finding beauty in such a disaster. I’m in love with the pinkish canoe going under the bridge.

  25. This is so sad. I’ve heard of the yearly floods in Thailand but if it weren’t for these images I would’ve never found out about its tragic extent. Thank you for sharing with the world.

  26. dawn

    Nice photos!
    I love Thailand people, they always have the smiles even when it’s the hard time!
    during the end of March, it also got floods near krabi when I was there, but it’s not like this time in Bangkok. But seems everything has been well now.

  27. Sarah D.

    Thank you for posting these. I had completely forgotten about this flood. It is one disaster among many, but the details you show are so important. Maybe people are starting to really pay attention to the fact that nature will win in the end, one way or another. We need nature, but nature doesn’t need us!

  28. Have been in Bangkok past 2 weeks and bowled over, as always, by the tenacity and the tenderness of the people I met there. Very moving – as are your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Oh how sad I feel for Thai people right now. They have such enduring souls. I lived in Bangkok for two years and traveled throughout Thailand, so I have come to love the people there. I still haven’t been able to reach some of my friends there 😦 In order to try to help out the disaster victims there, I have created a book through http://www.Blurb.com called “A Rainbow for Bangkok”. 50% of the profits will go to the Thai Red Cross. Good luck. Your images are excellent reportage of the serious situation there. Thank you for sharing them.

  30. johnny

    There is enough evidence to show that Bangkok is truly sinking into the ground. Global warming is going to make floods in Bangkok a common and even permanent.

    The reason? Over construction of multi storey buildings and offices. And overcrowding of people in a small area of land. This is stressing the land under neathBangkok , which is actually soft swampland.

  31. I am flying to Thailand in 2 days, as a tourist I suspect I will not see any scenes like this what with the most efforts seemingly geared towards preventing the centre of Bangkok being inundated which looks to have had a worse effect on people in surrounding areas. The people are the spiriit of Thailand and it is that which keeps me going back.

  32. This is Global Warming. Fifty years from now, this area may be permanently under water. Other area’s, once major agricultural area’s, will turn to desert. There will be major immigration problems in some countries as residents flee their country to find a liveable life elsewhere. Major developed countries will lock down their borders, and people will starve. As terrible a flood this is, it is nothing like what will occur within the next 50 years. Here is a book that projects different scenario’s of future Global Warming: ‘CLIMATE WARS’, by Gwynne Dyer. It’s an interesting read, and if you are a young person, possibly your future. Read it, and plan for it.

  33. amazing photographs and great post. I was in ayuthaya before the floods this year and simply cannot believe the scale of the devastation. I remember being in Bangkok shortly before the floods too as they tried to stock up on sandbags and it was so sad for me to then see the photographs afterwards. Thanks for this. Angie

  34. Wow! I had no idea it had gotten this bad. It has been a difficult year for many people all over the world. My heart goes out to everyone in Thailand. It’s a huge reminder of how much we have to be grateful for and to not take anything in life for granted.

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  36. Amazing photos of a something very sad. I was an exchange student in Bangkok for six months and met so many wonderful, kind and beautiful people there. And of course I fell in love with the country as well. My heart bleeds for what is going on there right now.

  37. I have friends who have had to abandon their beautiful home on the outskirts of Bangkok. they were fortunate enough to be able to obtain rented property in pattaya. The floodwater has reached nearly to the second floor of their house and it is such a shame. my thoughts go out to all you who are suffering and pray that all will be well soon.

  38. Great pictures of an unfortunate circumstance. I was just in on a long trip to South east asia and I just happened to leave Thailand before the monsoons began. http://calimike.wordpress.com. It is indeed a beautiful country (and albeit a photogenic one too). Hope that good comes out of the situation.

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    It will be very easy for non-technical artists and photographers to create their own place (and in minutes not months). I’m letting a number of people in to try it out in the coming weeks.

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