Wison Tungthunya & W Workspace

Emden Store

This is Emden Store at Gaysorn Shopping Center in Bangkok. Architectkidd design the store interior.

” With the launch of its store in Bangkok, Emden is a new luxury brand built on the heritage of iconic design. The brand reflects the bold vision of its namesake designer and the store was conceived to be a platform to develop new ideas and challenge conventions in luxury retail space.

The core concept is movement in design. Instead of a fixed spatial layout, the design is composed of three rectangular frames. These frames vary in size and are motorized. Moving along tracks, the frames can be nested inside each other or extended to form a telescoping arrangement.

By introducing movement to the space, the design extends the potential to create new retail experiences and interactions. From outside, the telescoping displays seem to stretch the viewers’ perspective, making the store more expansive than its size. The shop serves not only as a retail space for the Emden brand but can be transformed into an event space for gatherings and special functions.” – Luke Young.

Emden Store @Gaysorn Shopping Center

Emden Store @Gaysorn Shopping Center

Photography team » W Workspace

Photographer » Wison Tungthunya

Assistant & Second Photographer » Apidon Chaloeypoj & Santana Petchsuk

Image retoucher » Apidon Chaloeypoj & Santana Petchsuk

Video Editor » Apidon Chaloeypoj

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