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Music Video Project in Tokyo

It was quite a spontaneous act and I think it had something to do with fate that brought us into doing this project.

We, me and Asaya, went to Tokyo and stayed there for one whole month. One day on a lazy afternoon, we had no plans and sat by the window in a bar near Shimokitazawa.

Asaya saw a girl from afar walking and carrying something that looked like a big instrument bag on her back. Abruptly, Asaya turned to me and said “I want to know where she’s going to play. It might be fun to see live music. Should we go ask her?’ I thought that’s a good idea and told Asaya to stay at the table while I go ask. I ran toward the girl and catch her just before she went down to subway.

That’s the start of this project. We found out she’s an independent singer/musician and we went to see her performance at a livehouse in Shimokitazawa. Two weeks later we shot her first music video, within 1 day and 2 hours, just before we went back to Bangkok.  Pasuree, one of our best friends who is an awesome editor, helped us on the cutting.

Here is the result.


10704182_10205717337991616_3835159062507577299_n 10891612_10205809984308619_6746849835140169957_n

Artist » 五十嵐ミツキ(IGARASHI MITSUKI)
Song » 青色はぐれ星(BLUE STRAGGLER)
Director » Asaya Takatkul
Director of Photography » Wison Tungthunya
Editor » Pasuree Pananond

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